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Properties / Technical Data KS-700


KS-700 device is developed for determining localization of underground spaces. It is somewhat a “Ground Penetrating Radar” and it operates according to the principle "FMCW-Radar". Ground radar may investigate depths in the range of 0 m to 40 m on firm ground. We found tunnels from 2nd World War at 60 m depth on limestone areas; those tunnels were 5 m wide and 7 m deep. As it is stated in the page titled references in our web site, locations of small underground spaces from 18th century could be found with this device and underground creep canals towards coal pits could be detected. Those canals were 26.3 m deep from the surface and they may be easily detected with ground radar. This radar may also detect metals embedded to in ground layers; this device is more commonly used for underground researches in southern countries. The intended use commonly involve determination of spaces such as basements, bunkers, tunnels, metal etc. and localization of networks (power, water pipeline) laid under the ground and old mine pits and similar structures. This radar takes the measurement date and the data is real time demonstrated/displayed in 2-D graphic in the Tablet PC.

Delivery of KS-700:

- Electronic control unit,
- 2D visualization software (for 3D visualization software, “Golden Surfer” should be separately bought; “Voxler” is used in this device),
- Device (KS-700) carry case,
- USB cable,
- Battery connection cable,
- 1 Antenna (integrated with the device).

Most manufacturer offers different frequency range and therefore different antennas. The low the frequency is, the deeper it’s reached, but the worse resolution is. The meaning of resolution: it is impossible to find a small object with low frequency, but better depth performance is reached. Therefore, some manufacturers produce pulse radars offering different antennas in different frequency areas. The obligation to find a compromise solution has appeared in order to eliminate geophysical contradiction ideally. We have solved this problem with our own devices. We have been specialized in FMCW radar and thus have chosen an operating frequency offering an acceptable resolution which penetrates great depth according to ground structure. 

Therefore, we don't need various antennas.

"Instructions for Use" CD is sent during shipment of ground radar. In the instruction for use, the measuring procedure and software setting and set-up of the device are explained and shown. Since we have worldwide clients, we prepared a video film having following content;

1. Assembly of the ground radar,
2. Starting the operation of ground radar,
3. Software setting,
4. Complete measuring procedure,
5. Assessment of measuring charts,
6. Recording measurement images,
7. Shutting down the ground radar.

When ground radar is first operated, instructions are displayed in English. Software language can be preferred as English or German. Since English language is requested worldwide, we preferred English in addition to German.


KS-700 Technical data

Radar type:

Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) Radar



445 mm


334 mm


120 mm (without carrying handle)


5,1 kg

operating voltage:

12 Volt /min. 10 Ah battery


Time control (1-15 sec.)

Sampling time:


Real-time sampling:

1.25 kHz – 50 MHz

Max. Sampling:

1 GHz


A/D-Converter DC-60 MHz

Data processing:

Using FFT (Fast Fourier Transform)

FFT resolution

2048 lines

Achievable performance

(in limestone)

30 m






-Spectrum analyzer
-2D visualization: Stone Age (English-German-Turkish)
-3D visualization: Golden Surfer Voxler (English)

Shipping dimensions:

660 x 450 x 180 mm (11,5 kg)