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INNOVATION and PERFORMANCE in Ground Penetrating Radar


Ground Penetrating Radar KS-700

Description of the device, areas of application: 

FMCW Radar KS-700 

The device has 1 antenna (transmitting and receiving antenna) which is firmly connected with the apparatus and connected to the electronic components. For this radar it is not necessary to change the antenna in order to explore higher depths, because it is based on other physical principles than, for example, the pulse radar. But it is possible to optimize the device for other searching tasks by adjusting the software. 

The antenna is also shielded to all directions and therefore it only permeates (penetrates) into the ground. The depth is calculated with a formula from radar techniques by the software. Our radar can be completely operated by one person only.

Areas of application:

  • In searching of problematic archaeological relics and residues, and wastes underground.
  • Preliminary study of the ground for building projects.
  • For danger diagnose of mining secondary damages and landslides.
  • In localization of underground cellars, mining galleries, tunnels etc.
  • In localization of pipes, pipelines, walls etc., and also for cavities, underground waters and water springs.
  • In archaeology and many more underground scanning, searching and exploration.

Device description:

  • FMCW-Ground Penetrating Radar 
  • Weight: 5.1 kg (without battery)
  • Antenna is firmly assembled, change not possible
  • Analysis of measuring profiles via laptop (laptop not included)
  • System software: MS-Windows
  • 2D visualization software and areal measurement
  • Dimensions: Length 44, Width 33, Height: 12 cm
  • Portable by one person only
  • 12V 18Ah Plumb-acid gel battery (rechargeable by every car battery charger) for  radar electronics (not included).