K-S Analysis
Ground Penetrating Radar
German Technology

The predecessor of KS 500 was KS 300...

...which was successfully in operation for professional contract measurements.

About 10 years ago B. Kost (company owner) was engaged in the development of ground based radar technology. B. Kost himself is an information electronics engineer with specialization in high frequency engineering.

During the initial stage we always tested our developments in nature at which we put emphasis on the operational reliability rather than on design of the equipment.

Because of the constant tests in nature and the ensuing improvement of the electronics our first fully functional instrument was produced with which we wanted to undergo tests by specialists.

To have the reliability of the equipment confirmed we contacted mining industry professionals who offered us objects for trial measurements. Thereupon mining specialists tested our equipment on different objects which had not been known to us.

Different galleries at different levels of depth had to be located and after the localization we also had to determine drilling points in order to improve marksmanship for drillings. We achieved our goal in long developments so that we were booked for different contract measurements with our equipment and thus we are able to show some references.