K-S Analysis
Ground Penetrating Radar
German Technology

Software / Visualization

The software realizes the immediate presentation of the measuring picture.

The presentation of the measurement profiles is two-dimensional and allows the user a quick realization of the measurement profile.

Examples can be found in our references.

2D measuring pictures:

The special software which provides data visualization in two-dimensions (2D) is included. With the import-export function of the software it is possible to transform to 3D Data Visualization Solution and to obtain 3D visualization; in this case it is necessary to buy the software separately; Voxler’s Golden Surfer, for example.

3D measuring pictures:

Napoleon Cemetery

KS-700 Ground Penetrating Radar:
Clear and detailed specification of existing radiometric and geophysical researches

2D & 3D sampling with KS-700

Tunnel: Visualization with 4m distance measuring point Tunnel: Visualization with 2m distance measuring point


Underground water flow, in depth of 8 meters